Aileen Macasaet Isidro

Mac is the marketing genius of MDA and one of the most passionate divers most people will ever meet. While pursuing a hardcore career within a multinational corporation, Mac uses every weekend and time-off she can in diving and teaching new divers.

For advanced nitrox and technical diving you will see Mac sporting in sidemount setup.

Little Known Fact:

Mac insists on using PSI for pressure when diving as she feels its the only time she gets away from bars.

Alexander Patrick

Alex hails from from the tiny South Pacific islands of Fiji, where he became a certified diver in 1994. Alex is passionate about marine conservation, before moving to the Philippines he spent many years working for the Wildlife Conservation Society as a research diver, setting up marine protected areas in the South Pacific.

He decided to share his love for the underwater world by becoming an Instructor and now spends most weekends underwater teaching.

Little Known Fact:

Alex worked as a stunt double for Shrek in the first movie before quitting to dedicate more of his time to diving.