Open Water Diver


If you have always wanted to learn how to SCUBA dive, discover new adventures, or simply see the world beneath the waves, this is where it all starts.

The PADI Open Water Certification allows you to dive with a buddy anywhere around the world. In the course, we go through two main parts, the Knowledge Development and the Water-skills Development.

Knowledge Development is mainly a self study exercise, which consists of reading the Open Water book and reviewing the Open Water DVD. Once this is completed there is a Knowledge Review section at the end of each chapter for you to complete independently. Time wise we generally recommend 16hrs to go through the book. We then meet again in Manila and go through each review section along with a short Quiz for each chapter, and a final Exam.
Water-skills Development includes five pool (confined water environment) training sessions, in which we practice the core skills in diving. We also complete four open water dives during which you will demonstrate to us that you have mastered the skills learned in the pool. This portion is typically done in Anilao, Batangas over a single weekend. For small groups we can organize the whole course during weekdays as well.